The Journey

The journey of a Bul-Key starts by hand. Each key is handcrafted by our entirely British production line. Within the 6 weeks it takes to create the ultimate Bul-Key, our products go through stages of design, formulation and then official testing. Welcome to the evolution of luxury car key designs. 




The Drive

It has taken 4 years to engineer the product technology. We now hold the secret which allows us to connect the perfect car to the perfect key. Our keys host completely unique technology, allowing them to transmit RFID signal through precious metals. Our logo pays homage to this unique technology founded by Bul-Key. Now the knowledge has been acquired, let the journey begin. 



The Destination

Our screwless keys were designed for a sleek and customer friendly approach. Each fob will be assigned a chronological serial number together with a certificate of authenticity.  We ensure every key carries with it our founding vision, what we stand for and what we strive for.

Welcome to Bul-Key

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