What is the lead time on my key?

Each key will take rough 6 weeks to be hand crafted and shipped, once 
payment is confirmed.

How can I pay?

We accept payments via our website in order to guarantee safe transfer of funds You can pay with visa debit/ credit plus mobile payment methods Apple Pay & Google Pay. We also accept Paypal.

How will you connect the key to the car?

UK customers: Your internal electronic components will be transferred on delivery by a member of Bul-Key.

International customers: You will receive a short instruction video explaining how to transfer your board or with an additional charge a representative of Bul-Key will transfer it for you.

How do you ensure the quality of metals?

Each item will be delivered with authentication certificate and stamped by the Registry Assay Office in Birmingham UK, to guarantee the precious metal quality.

What happens if I change my car?

You have two options:

Sell your key with your car
We can offer you a buy back scheme.

Contact us to find out more about our buy back scheme.

What is the keys signal range?

We have designed the key to operate within a range of 3-5 meters range, to overcome security issues.

Does Bul-Key only make Range Rover keys?

We can make any bespoke key. Please contact us with the exact brand of car you have and the style of key you want.

Where do you ship?

Our shipping locations can be found on our Shipping & Delivery page here. If your location is not available, please email us.

Can I ask for something completely unique?

Here at Bul-Key we embrace any challenge set. We work closely with our master jeweller to accomplish any dream item for our new members. We challenge any enquiry at info@bul-key.com

What guarantee do you offer?

We offer a full money back guarantee, if product is not delivered. On recite, the client will check the item, confirm satisfaction and a signed off with our delivery agent. We will exchange the key, if our clients experience technical.

Please check our Terms & Conditions for more information.

If you are interested in any of the additional services, please contact 
us on the following:

Email: info@bul-key.com
Phone: +44500504091